Energy Efficient Restaurant Tips

05 Jan

When it comes to planning and operating a restaurant, energy star appliances can not only help the operations keep on track but also make the restaurant more energy efficient. The better the efficiency, the lower the energy consumption. The restaurant business is no different than any other venture in this regard. To run a restaurant effectively, you need customers. But if you are unable to manage the energy consumption appropriately, you may not be able to serve the customers properly or earn a decent profit. This is why investing in improving the commercial energy management is advisable.

There are many experts who offer various energy saving tips for restaurants. However, before implementing the tips, it is important to determine what exactly needs to be improved. For instance, when you decide to use LED bulbs in the kitchen instead of conventional bulbs, determine how much energy will be saved using LED lamps. This will help you decide which bulbs will work best. Similarly, when determining the right equipment, energy saving tips for restaurants can be followed.

Another important aspect of restaurant energy conservation is considering the impact on the surroundings. If your restaurant has windows and doors, then there is a good chance that your energy usage will be high. This means that installing energy saving tips for restaurants is a necessity as well. This is especially true when you have multiple equipments in the kitchen such as stoves, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves and other heavy machines. Make sure to use glass panels for windows and doors to cut down on energy consumption.

When it comes to lighting, energy consumption is definitely high. For this reason, consider LED bulbs and fluorescent bulbs. While energy saving tips for restaurants do suggest using fluorescent bulbs, they should be used only where there is adequate natural light. Fluorescent bulbs, on the other hand, are excellent choices for areas where artificial light cannot be used because they produce light through a chemical reaction. Both types of bulbs save energy usage though and are ideal options for places like night clubs and bars.

When it comes to the actual tools and equipment used for energy conservation, many restaurants overlook them but they play a vital role. For example, a smart grid system is imperative if you want to make the most of energy conservation in restaurants. This is used to distribute power between different appliances and systems when needed and thus, save energy. A smart grid also reduces the chances of outages as it prevents power spikes that usually lead to blackouts. There are also load cells installed which are essential for reducing electricity consumption during peak hours. In addition, a complete overhaul of the kitchen and dining area can also help a lot.

While many people consider appliances and fixtures to be boring, they can actually do a lot for energy usage. For example, instead of using large fans, open flames can be replaced by energy efficient heaters or air conditioners. Same goes for cooling down rooms, instead of relying on refrigerators and freezers, consider investing in a cool machine or even an ice machine. These energy saving tips for restaurants can really help you achieve great energy savings and ultimately, lower your bills.

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